Friday, November 08, 2013

blog #9: Inspectors in Syria Have Only One Site Left to Check

The organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has verified the destruction of 22 out of the 23 sites the Syrian government claimed that they were using for the production of and mixing of chemical weapons. The last two sites are difficult to visit because of the war so the UN sent in cameras into the last site to verify its status. The UN went through a great deal of work to make sure that the cameras are tamper proof. The cameras were operated by Syrian nationals supervised by the inspectors to make sure that they didn't miss a spot and so that they knew that the cameras weren't being messed with. Mr. Assad has been very cooperative and helpful in the destruction and disposal of all of Syria's munitions. This stance has helped Mr. Assad gain more public backing and political credibility which causes frustration for the western powers as they try to remove Mr. Assad from power. As tension is somewhat starting to dwindle due to the fact that Mr. Assad's army is gaining more ground. The UN is looking to set a date for the peace talks with Syrian but realizes that they may not the get the chance to do that anytime soon. In the mean time the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister has invited representatives form both the Syrian government and its opposition to sit down and begin the process to start breaking down barriers.

 This is a big step for Syria and its people. Its an even bigger step for their government. Its good to see that Mr.Assad is gaining for backing from his country especially since there are people trying to remove him from power. The talks between the opposition and the Syrian government will good and maybe this can be used as model for other countries having similar issues in the future. But we won't know until these talks actually happen, so the only thing we can do is sit back and watch and go from there. This could be the next step to a global problem solver. This whole situation with Syria and how it was handled can be used when dealing with other situations around the world instead of resorting to war and terror all the time. Sometimes the threat of war and terror can make situations worse. This way at least ensures that the people are being though of and that they won't get caught in the line of fire.

Kateland Patino

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