Sunday, November 03, 2013

Blog 9: Israeli planes strike Syrian military base, U.S. official says

According to an American official, Israeli planes struck a Syrian base in an effort to stops any weapons that may be used to help any terrorists. The Israelis have said before that they would do anything that they had to in an effort to keep their country out of harms way and to stop anyone or anything that could be harmful to them. The Syrian conflict began in 2011 but has now ended up being a full blown civil war. There has been an estimated 100,000 deaths since then and the number is still rising. The upside is that Syria has kept its word for the most part and held up their end of the deal, turning in most of their weapons, and shutting down any factory or plant that they used to manufacture any nuclear weapons.

Its been a long couple of months for the people of Syria, having to live in constant fear and of the unknown coming. The bright upside to the whole situation, for us atleast seems to be that the United States has as of yet stayed out of the situation and has made the attempt to handle this in political strides. Syria met their deadline with the weapons and now its more of a sit and wait kind of deal if your not in the inner circle.

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