Sunday, November 03, 2013

U.N. Confirms an Outbreak of Polio in Syria Blog #7

Just I wrote last week about doctors in Syria are trying to put morals and ethics over government policies, to add to the chemical weapons, the UN has announced a polio outbreak. Now to add to the other issue with the government genocide, they now much deal with diseases that were somewhat eliminated in the United States decades ago and not to mention other diseases that how not been announced. When you have 10 out of 22 children confirmed with polio and the other 12 waiting, you would have to assume that Syria's governments are clearly not in the best interest of their citizens. When you have children less than 2 years old along with an ongoing battle with the medical infrastructure, this would clearly affect the population growth with Syria in years to come because before, 95 percent of the country was immunized. Along with neighboring countries and the help of UNICEF, 800,000 Syrian children were current with vaccinations of polio but a million were for other diseases. When you see that countries like Pakistan and Nigeria were polio are still considered epidemics, the comments by World Health Organization are accurate, The outbreak of polio in Syria “shows you have to eradicate the disease in the endemic countries because from there it will spread no matter where you are,” but also has labeled the situation as a setback but has vowed to conquer this epidemic as they have with other countries. As I mentioned earlier, it is a tough situation for the citizens of Syria with the governments from of chemical genocide along with a failing medical infrastructure.

Sean Odom
10:55 a.m.

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