Friday, November 08, 2013

Blog 9: One Plant Left That Was Once in a Sea of 23.

Inspectors sent to Syria from the United Nations to destroy 23 chemical weapons production sites and arsenals, have confirmed that 22 have been destroyed since thursday. The inspectors were not sure how long it would take to visit the last 2 sites because they were in dangerous areas, where the civil war was being fought. To confirm that the 22nd site had been destroyed they used special cameras. These cameras were tamper proof and had special features that always knew the time and location of the camera and the footage could not have been edited. Once the film was taken with the arsenal looking destroyed by the war its self, the inspectors cross referenced the video with satellite imagery. The inspectors state how surprisingly cooperative the Syrian government has been throughout this process. Right now with the arsenals being almost completely wiped out Syria has avoided United States intervention, however now the 1,300 metric tons of chemical must go somewhere, which is causing tension again with Syria and Russia against the U.S., France, and England.

Syria has been moving in a positive direction with destroying the arsenals, however they could possibly be just playing the nice possum card, to later have Russia "destroy" the chemical weapons. The United States wants to destroy these weapons themselves, but Syria does not want to fork over the weapons to us as claimed by their president, Bashar al-Assad. Syria seems to be avoiding tension for now, but the future still is unclear whether intervention will occur by an outside force. The U.S once hungry for intervention has calmed down, but this could just be the calm before the storm.

Brianna Hunt
Nov. 8th
9:30 am.

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