Friday, November 08, 2013

Blog 9 The Venezuelan Fantasy

In Valencia, Venezuela an observation was made on women. Eliezer Alvarez observed that women in Venezuela showed an increase in transforming their bodies with plastic surgery. After this observation Alvarez went to his workshop and created a mannequin that he felt would up the sales. These new mannequins had big breast, hourglass figure, and a firm butt. This was the look for the ideal women due to the rage on beauty pageant winners being augmented. Although Venezuelans’ embrace plastic surgery it is in their culture of instant gratification, and using the quick fix. The belief in this culture is that being nice to look at will help you become successful. Being beautiful and wanting to feel that beauty is okay until it gets obsessive. When it gets to this point it gets dangerous and there have even been cases in many countries where people have died from receiving injections that are faulty.

Technology as we learned in class just this past Thursday has in a way created an unhealthy avenue for women. In class we looked at a picture of an ordinary girl with curves who was then photo shopped to look like Barbie. Everything about her was changed and she was no longer the same person that was in the before picture. The after picture is unfortunately the image that is shown to the public and put in advertisements. When young women see this picture they began to try to become that person with surgery, makeup, etc. As the article stated, in the Venezuelan society beauty is very important and with the media idolizing big breast and hour glass shape the country has become full of unhealthy body images.  The media and the situation with the beauty queens idealizing a certain type of nose, body, and breast has had a huge impact on the women not to mention the kids growing up in this society. This is true that their culture is beauty based but it is also important to remember that everything that looks good to you isn’t good for you!

Cynthia Brooks
November 8, 2013
9:51 am


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