Thursday, November 07, 2013

Blog 9; Syria Destroys Chemical Sites

Brittany Brooks
Blog 9
8:00 pm 

It was this week that Syria’s ability to produce chemical weapons has been destroyed and its remaining toxic armaments secured. Assad has offered unexpectedly robust cooperation this far. Eliminating Mr. Assad’s ability to use chemical weapons is the biggest accomplishment this far. There are 1,290 tons of declared weapons that need to be destroyed within in the midst of a civil war that is happening in the country currently. However, even in the midst of all of everything that is happening, Syria has met all of their commitments and deadlines. The country’s cooperation makes Mr. Assad look credible thus far. The chemical weapons situation is supposed to be done my mid 2014 which created the expectation that Mr. Assad would remain in office until at least then. Although Mr. Assad has seemed to be credible thus far, he is still being held responsible for what happened and all the suffering Syrians. A big milestone has taken place but no Syrians have been brought relief. United Nations officials have visited all of Syria’s 41 facilities except for two due to the fact they were not safe. Currently there is no more inspection activities planned.
Clearly Mr. Assad is attempting to regain some sort of credibility. Although they claim that they are not following through on their word because of threat, they are still allowing the chemical weapons to be destroyed without ruckus. This is a very big milestone complete for Syria but much is still to be done for the Syrian people. The United Nations cannot forget the bigger picture here. This all started because of the innocent men, women, and children that were killed. There definitely needs to be focus on destroying of the chemical weapons in Syria’s possession but there needs to be just as much focus on the Syrian people as well. Thousands of people are in need of aid. This job will not be complete until the suffering Syrian people are helped.   

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