Thursday, November 07, 2013

Blog 9 : Bombing in China

On Wednesday morning, a series of explosions went off in front of Communist Party offices in a northern province of China.  These explosions killed one person and injured eight more.  It was said that these explosives went off in the flower bushes in front of these Communist Party offices.  It is important to note that the Communist Party has ruled in China for over 60 years.  Additional security measures were already in place due to the bombing in China last week.  Then of course this attack occurs.  Damage from the blast includes nearby cars with shattered windows and shredded tires.  Footage of the explosion shows that and smoking rising from the area the blast occurred.  It was reported that steal beads were scattered at the scene, suggesting that these bombs were homemade.  This blast occurred just days before a major Communist Party leadership meeting was set to take place in Beijing.  The cause of the blast is currently being investigated.

From what I read about the explosions in China, it seems very clear that someone is trying to send a message to the government.  I can also almost certainly guarantee that whoever is trying to send this message, has a problem with their countries government.  It is no secret that the way China runs their government is questionable.  More than likely there are a lot more residents of China who aren't very fond of their government and policies.  With that said, China doesn't need a string of attacks and protest to occur.  All it takes is a few brave souls to ignite others who may want to fight back as well.  Somewhat similar to what is going on with the Sunni and Shiite Muslims.  One group is fighting against the government which is led by the other group.  Now it looks like some in China may be considering the same.  There have already been two attacks and it wouldn't surprise me if more were to come.  Seeing people attempt to rebel their government could encourage the people of other countries to do the same.  It may seem a bit far fetched to some, but it wouldn't shock me at all if rebelling against your government started trending.

Kaelin Graham
12:52 p.m.

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