Friday, November 15, 2013

Women in Palestine

Hamas appoints first spokeswoman

            Hamas has just recently hired their first ever spokeswoman for international media. The young 23 year old woman seems bright, intelligent and ready to make changes happen for women of her same disposition. She speaks fluent English and seems to express disregard for the radical way Hamas has expressed itself in the past. She says that she is not Hamas, but simply “a Palestinian who loves her country.” She has taken a lot of initiative just in getting the position and remains confident, doing things on her own terms. The new head of the department has been hiring younger people who have more experienced with Media. He expresses that he wants to be more open with the west. He says that “women are our partners in society” adopting a more modern view of women. Aj-Modallal says that coverage with Hamas news has not always been fair, but she is passionate about equal coverage for all people. Aj-Modallal is an impressive young professional with new ideas that benefit Hamas and Palestine as a whole and hopefully are only the beginnings of positive change for women’s involvement.

            Aj-Modallal says that things have been advancing for woman in many ways within her country. She says in medicine, education and the economy that things are looking upward. Her being hired is also evidence of this equality. She says that their footsteps are advancing in society everyday. Aj-Modallal has a unique platform on which to speak these words because she is the very evidence of them. Because of Aj-Modallal’s very public position she will be looked up to by women and men alike. This could bring negative feedback from some of the more traditional groups but overall will only encourage women to become more active and allow those who are against it to become more familiar with the idea. With need of countries now with a stagnant economy, overpopulation and poverty it seems that women rising to leading positions in response will be the only thing that will combat such issues. Involvement of women with active minds and their skills is very necessary in order for a country to progress. When a country has less then half of it’s population involved on an economic level this creates not only a lack of that gain but also issues of infant mortality, sickness, and poverty increase. Women lead families consequently because they have the next generation within them; therefore they carry in themselves influence and power over the next generation. 

Anna Jacobsen

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