Friday, November 15, 2013

41 Killed during Shiite rituals in Iraq

On a day of Shiite religious semblance a suicide bomber as well as a twin bomb attack killed 41 Iraqi's total and wounded over 100 on Thursday.
The holiday is known as Ashoura and is celebrated every year over a period of ten days, The attack occurred in multiple cities, the deadliest of which occurred in Saadiyah during a historical reenactment of the battle of Karbala. 31 individuals were killed in the explosion.
Bombings had occurred multiple time throughout the 10 day span of the event. A bomb on Tuesday went off near refreshment tents injuring multiple travelers.
The event normally brings in over 2 million pilgrims as they march to visit many of the holy sites located across Iraq.

The event is a continuation of Sunni attacks against the current Shiite political power. Over 5,500 iraq's have been killed since April of this year, a death toll the country has not seen since 2008, and Thursdays attacks bring the November death toll to 176 individuals.

These attacks come after last weeks plea from Iraqi officials for American support and intervention. Many of the attacks are believed to be spill-over from the ongoing civil war in neighboring Syria. The ongoing issues in Iraq are largely ignored in mainstream news-media, The US Government has not announced a plan to deal with the ongoing turmoil and many believe that now is not the time to return to Iraq.

Iraq is on the cusp of an outbreak of Civil War, a major issue within the middle East.

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