Thursday, February 05, 2015

Blog #1: Ex-Spy Chief Called to Testify in Investigation of Argentine Prosecutor's Death


The investigation of Alberto Nisman death continues. The prosecutor (Mr. Nisman), was found dead in his apartment in Buenos Aires from a gunshot wound to his head. His death happened a day before his scheduled meeting with congress on the behalf of his accusation against the president,Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, on shielding the Iranians responsible over the bombing of a Jewish center that took place in 1994 in which left 85 people dead. The lead investigator Viviana Fein, who is investigating the mysterious death of Nisman, has asked Antonio Stiusso to testify on Thursday . Antonio Stiusso, a former spymaster at Argentina's premier intelligence agency, has apparently resisting the summon and did not testify. Mr. Stiusso is being accuse by Mrs. Kirchner and her top aides in having a hand in the events surrounding the death of Mr. Nisman. Sabtiago Blanco Bermudez, Stiusso lawyer, stated in a broadcast on a local radio station that, Stiusso, "was an excellent civil servant" who was one of the country's most powerful spies. Investigators have not yet determined whether Nisman's death is a suicide or a homicide.Nobody has been charge with the responsibility of his death however, an information technology consultant for Mr. Nisman's investigating unit has been charged with lending Mr. Nisman the gun that was found on the floor near his body.


Something about the story about the whole incident for me is a little odd. Was it a suicidal? I don't really think so! Think about it, why would someone accuse someone like the president on doing something to the public and then commit suicide. Now I may be seeing this from a different point of view but I feel the whole incident was planed. I am interesting to find out  how things will end up with this case. I feel that the truth will surface and justice will be paid.


Feb. 5, 2015

6:24 pm

Alexandra Palma

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