Thursday, February 05, 2015

Blog #1 In Egypt, Atheists Considered a "Dangerous Development"

Dar al-lfta, a government wing that deals with religious edicts in Egypt, claimed that the country only held 866 atheists and considered this to be a "dangerous development." This is no surprise considering Egypt's very stern anti-atheist view points and their nearly 90 million Muslim majority. This has been leading many to be arrested for "defamation of religion" as the Egyptian constitution allows for freedom of belief but only provides freedom of practice for the three Abrahamic religions.
Over the years, atheists in Egypt have faced a number of what we in the US would consider serious affronts to personal freedom. Many have been fired, threatened, arrested, and even turned over to the police by their own families. Even a Ministry of Interior official, Amin Ezz El-Din stated there would be a task force dedicated to arresting non-believers.

Despite understanding where they're culturally coming from, I still find it odd that such a ridiculously low number of reported atheists in a country of millions is considered a "dangerous development." That's like putting 2 drops of bleach into a 50 gallon tank of water and deeming the water toxic. I find it odd though that the matter doesn't stem from them simply not being Muslim but them not being religious at all and how much of a violent reaction this garners..

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