Friday, February 06, 2015

Blog #1 Families facing gender change challenges

This article takes place in the United Kingdom and describes how stressful it can be to come out to those you love when it comes to believing you are a different sex. This article describes the lives of four females who were once males named Olie Pullen, Michelle Pindar, Melissa Ede, and Kellie Maloney. Though each of their transitions were different in relation to the time in which they came out and the perspectives of the people around them, the part that made transitioning from male to female the easiest it could be was having the support of their loved ones. This article presents that coming out as a different sex is difficult no matter the age but it is a decision that affects the rest of your life.
Reading this article allowed me to gain insight on how other countries are perceiving sex changes. This article highlights the importance of having not just a supportive family but also a supportive environment. Though the article’s point was to emphasize the importance of family they also mentioned the ways in which England is enforcing policies to allow people who are intersex to prosper. Here in the United States, there have been many cases where there is a toleration of intersex children and adults but the moment that the schools and the government have to get involved to make life easier on those who are intersex they step back and act as if they cannot help. In England, specifically in this article, not only were families supportive of the person’s decision and acceptance of who they really were but the schools brought an environment that gave the children the ability to feel as if they are in the right place. Being born into the body of the sex you do not associate with is a hard thing to imagine. I wonder if it was only this specific place in England that is also bringing a supportive environment or if it is the entire country. People who are going through life changing situations deserve the respect that these four women for the majority experienced. If someone decides to go through a sex change the only opinion that matters is their own. 

Karen Bent
Feb. 06, 2015
8:09 PM

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