Friday, February 06, 2015

Blog #1: Senior Qaeda Figure Killed by Drone Strike

I'm sure everyone is aware of the multiple attacks on the French within the last couple weeks. On Saturday, January 31st, a drone strike destroyed a car in Shabwah Province, which is in the southern part of Yemen. The strike killed four of the members in the car, including Harith al-Nadhari, who praised the attack on the French newspaper, Charlie Hebdo. It is reported that the strikes came from a group called the Houthis. The Houthis had recently became America's partner throughout the Arabian Peninsula in the South, and recently took control with American supervision. The rebel group had forced the president to resign on January 22nd, and have been trying to form a new government. America has come out and said that the strikes will continue throughout Yemen. There was a statement discussing how the drone strike that lead to the death of Harith al-Nadhari was the fifth one since the Houthis group has taken over. Harith al-Nadhari was believed to be targeted because he believed the attacks against the French were revenge against the "filthy French people" because they insulted the Prophet Muhammad. Harith al-Nadhari didn't say who the attackers were, or if he were a part of it but he praised the attacks and added that France would face more attacks if they did not stop the "aggression against the Muslims." One of Harith al-Nadhari's last statement was “O French, until when will you fight God and his messenger? If you become Muslims, it is a good thing for you.”

Hanna Stone

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