Friday, February 06, 2015

Jordan Strikes Back With Force

After the brutal murder of one their fighter pilots that was captured by the extremist and terrorist group known as ISIS, Jordan has decided to play a game of retaliation. After seeing ISIS broadcasting them setting the captive Jordanian fighter pilot on fire while he was locked in a cage, the country, Jordan, decided to take the two ISIS captives they were holding out of prison, and to make an example out of them by hanging them for all to see while the people of Jordan cheered. Although they had one-upped ISIS by killing two people after having only lost one, they were not finished exacting their revenge. After the Jordanian King Abdullah met with the family of the murdered pilot, Jordan proceeded to send bombers to Syria and blow up multiple ISIS training centers and weapons stashes. After the attack, Jordan sent broadcast to ISIS stating "This is the beginning, and you will get to know the Jordanians." The king of Jordan is looking for the other enemies of ISIS to join them in the fight to win the "harsh war" that ISIS has started. NATO has agreed to provide more support to fight ISIS.

I feel as though the tensions between ISIS and the its enemies are soon coming to a peak. Unfortunately for ISIS, this is not a war they can win. With the allied forces finally appearing to be completely fed up with what they have been doing, it seems like it is only a matter of time before an all out assault will be made to wipe ISIS off of the map. The only way that I see a horrible ending to this story that is ISIS is if they agree to stop what they are doing, but because that is highly unlikely, I am pretty sure this was is going to get worse before it gets better.

Jordan Hagens


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