Friday, February 06, 2015

Blog #1 Japanese Hotel Staffed by Robots

The workforce for years has changed due to the advancement of technology. Human labor, in the past, was very popular because no one had the technology to allow machines to do the work instead of humans. As time has passed we have discovered that technology that can get certain jobs done more efficient than a human can. This leads me to introduce Henn-na Hotel which means Strange Hotel. This hotel will be one of the first hotel's in the world that has robots employed as receptionists. The first phase will be open this year in July and the second phase will be open next year. "A commitment of evolution" is the motto that the technologically advanced hotel will operate under. These actroids (robots) are supposed to be more efficient so the costs can be lower. Hideo Sawada is the president of this hotel chain and he plans to expand in the future to build about 1000 hotels around the world. Body sensor temperature adjustments, facial recognition, and solar power are some of the feature that Sawada would like to import to keep his costs down for the hotel. I love the idea of the Henn-na Hotel because I've yet to see or hear of anything like it but it gets better. The hotel chain decided to use a bidding system instead of a fixed cost system when it comes to securing a room. I like this idea because it keeps guest on top of their game when it comes to booking a hotel. The rooms start at reasonable prices such as $60 for a single room and $153 for a triple room so the demand will be the decision factor when it comes to profit made for the day. Guest can go ahead and start the reservation process on their website

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