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Blog #1 North Korea to UN: Human rights resolution is illegal

North Korea to UN: Human Rights Resolution is Illegal


  North Korea’s foreign minister demands The United Nations secretary general tell the member states that the resolution of Human Rights issues is illegal and based on lies. Ri Su Yong, North Korea’s foreign minister, states that North Korea will be willing to “actively engage ourselves in talks and cooperation in the field of human rights” if the illegal resolution is withdrawn.

North Korea became upset late last year when The United Nations General Assembly approved the “illegal resolution” that the country’s situation of human rights should be addressed in the international criminal court and that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, should be held responsible.

Last month, prominent North Korean defector Shin Dong-hyuk changed his story. Because of this, North Korea stated that defectors are “human scum” and can not be trusted. As a result of the defector’s story changed, the entire United Nations resolution has since collapsed.  

The North Korean foreign minister is now trying to figure out who the other defectors are so he can discredit them as well. He states, “We are ready to reveal to the whole world the true identities of each and every one of them and the crimes committed and the lies told by them one by one.”

North Korean diplomats tried to intimidate defectors who had helped the commission of inquiry last year by openly filming them at an U.N. event. 

This is a classic example of why North Korean has a human rights issue. Someone of power made a mistake (lied), openly admitted the mistake, and now the North Korean government is trying to discredit every single defector for the benefit of their cause. They are using intimidation tactics, threats, and even childish name-calling. They lumped every single defector into a group with the one at fault, regardless of the defectors actual disposition, demeaning the entire group for one man’s actions. It is almost insulting because North Korea cares so little for the human rights and equality of their people as a whole, yet they are willing to make one group equals when it benefits the beliefs of the leader or, in their opinion, benefits the country as a whole. It is completely unfair to treat a whole group in a certain way just because of one of the member’s negative actions.

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