Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Blog 1: Release of Islamic State Burning of Jordan pilot

              The Islamic extremist organization the Islamic State released video earlier this week apparently showing a Jordanian pilot, who was captured in December, being burnt alive as he was confined in a cage. News agencies in Jordan believe he was killed weeks ago but the release of the video sparked a vow to avenge his death. Within a few hours the government of Jordan hanged two Islamic extremists that had been on death row in Jordan for multiple years. Jordan also announced an “earth shattering and severe response” to the killing of its citizen. Currently four Arab countries are working with the United States fighting the Islamic State, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. The UAE has suspended its work with the United States until the U.S improves search and rescue due to the killing of hostages.  
            Most Muslims do not condone the burning of the Jordanian hostage as it violates “not mutilating the human body’ as mentioned in the article.  The Islamic State recently has experienced loss in support even within those who once let the group control. The most recent execution appears to cross a different imaginary line. The world has become accustomed to the beheading of hostages but burning another human being in a cage is more cynical. This comes only ten days after the Islamic State released the video of of the beheading of a Japanese hostage. The U.S and Jordan call for the complete elimination of the Islamic State and more countries are beginning to call out the actions that go against the religious beliefs they are supposedly trying to enforce. 

Christopher Eakes
Wednesday, January 4, 2015
9:07 PM


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