Thursday, February 05, 2015

Blog #1 Terroism comes into focus

A lengthy trial (which began on Monday) will provide a window into what is likely to be one of the top issues in Canada this year; this is homegrown terrorism.  A man name John Nuttall and woman, Amanda Korody were charged with making or possessing an explosive device, conspiracy to commit an indictable offence and knowingly facilitating terrorist activity.  The charges were directly related to homemade pressure-cooker bombs.  They were planted out the B.C. legislature on July 1, 2013, and were scheduled to go off to kill or injure people celebrating Canada Day. (WHAT A CELEBRATION!)  It is stated that Nuttall and Korody had be allegedly motivated by Islamic extremism.  Now, the federal government announced that it would bring in legislation to give the Canada Security Intelligence Service more power to monitor Canadian residents whom it believes may be susceptible to influence from groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda.  The guilt or innocence of these two will be determined by jury.

LOCK THESE PEOPLE UP!!! (kidding.) What I find interesting is that no where in the article does it explain how these people were caught red-handed, and how in the world are they just now finding out about this when the bombs were planted almost 2 years ago?? It seems to me that the government making the decision to bring in legislation is a little too late.  Another thing to consider is, how often does Canada Day occur? because evidently, it didn't occur in 2014.  I am interested to see ow this trial will play out, and finding out whether or not these individuals are found guilty or innocent.  (Maybe I'll try to keep up with it) Oh! and another thing to take into consideration is the susceptibility of influence from groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda? I would like to know how the legislation will determine this, and assume that someone is being influenced by these.  This may lead to wrong accusations.

February 5, 2015
8:17 pm

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