Thursday, February 05, 2015

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Child Brides
The realization of countries and their beliefs of women and the enforcement of child brides has been a known and heart wrenching topic for centuries. Despite this, I feel it is still as crucial a topic to cover as it was then.
Earlier this week, The Blaze posted an article stating that the Al Khanssaa Brigade, or the female militia, has released a manifesto in the Islamic State. This manifesto states that young children marry older men, far beyond their years. Specifically, this manifesto declares young children to be married at the ripe age of nine and no later than age fifteen.
This article tells us the manifesto declares that these children be taught about the “rulings” of marriage and divorce, women’s work (if you want to call it that), and childbearing and enabling their husband. They are told never to leave their house, unless needed, to “avoid the devils temptation”.
It is clear that the sole purpose for female children is to be brought up to be married and a slave to men. I chose to share this topic and information because it is detrimental to one’s psyche and individual development. Child psychologists say that children are not yet able handle the life of marriage, much less what the life of marriage is in Islam. Another factor that plays into development and child brides is the fact that their bodies are not made to handle sexual encounters that are involved in marriage.
 It is my firm belief that we, as human beings, should put an end to the outrageous beliefs of what women should do and be and stop bringing these children up to be brides.

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