Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog #2: Children in Detention Exposed to Danger

The Australian Human Rights Committee found that 300 children committed or threatened self-harm, 30 reported sexual assault, 30 went on hunger strike, and more than 200 were involved in assaults in an Australian immigration detention. Many of the children and adults in the detention center had been detained for over a year. The Forgotten Children report stated that the detention was damaging children’s mental health, sometimes making them extremely sick, and not giving them any education. 30% of the adults detained with the children have moderate to severe mental illnesses. Australia is the only country in the world that is required by law to detain unlawful non-citizens, which includes children. However, under the international and Australian law, children are supposed to be detained as a “last resort.” Some of the children in the detention have been held for over 19 months because their parents have an adverse security assessment by Asio. This raises concerns about their physical and mental health as well as their future life opportunities.
            This has been going on for years in this detention facility. In 2004, the Human Rights Commission launched a 3 year inquiry into children in detention. They then released on children in the detention. The Australian government needs to keep up with what is happening in the detention since it is a law that children should be detained as a last resort. Some children are being held for over a year. This harms them mentally as well as physically with all the abuse being reported. It is was also shown that even basic needs, such as basic hygiene and drinking water, were not being met. Since the detention has been proven to cause life-long harm, the Australian government should consider not detaining children at all.

Emily Burris


10:44 am

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