Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog # 2: New Ebola Cases Show Rise For Second Week In Row

The number of new cases has grown in all three countries of West Africa.  This is now the second week that numbers have risen and some of these are linked from unsafe burial practices.  The World Health Organization stated on Wednesday that Sierra Leone had 76 of the 144 new cases, whereas Guinea 65 and Liberia 3.  The total of the deceased has come to 9,000 since 2013.  Even though there have been improvements in community relations and burial arrangements there is a downward shift in treating cases.  President Obama is removing all the troops in Liberia.  There will only be 100 troops remaining in west Africa in April compared to the 2,800 that have been stationed over there.  One of the main reasons that the disease is still spreading uncontrollably in Guinea is because there is mistrust of aid workers.  The goal is to have zero new cases within sixty days but that is being interfered with because patients are mistrusting aid workers.  Mourners can catch this disease by touching their dead love ones during the funeral process.  More than 40 unsafe burials have occurred during the past week.

There are still many things that can be done to stop these outbreaks and control the spread of this frightening disease.  People that have this disease need to let aid workers do their jobs and help them get cured from Ebola. If they do not let them help then they will probably be another victim of this outbreak.  Also there needs to be more precautions when it comes to dealing with the individuals that have died from this disease.  If the family members touch them before putting them in the ground then they are at risk of contracting it also.  I support the president's decision to remove most of the troops because there seems to be a decline overall but at the moment their is a slight increase.  By monitoring burials and having aid workers do their jobs will help and hopefully there will not be a strong need for that many troops to be over here assisting.  There are too many new cases popping up and it needs to be ceased before the number gets over 10,000 deaths.

Kelsey Bryant

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