Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog #2: Measures to save water in Brazil

This article written by AlJazerea and agencies talks about the water drought that is currently effecting communities in Brazil. Communities in Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, is being hit the hardest by the lack of water that the country is facing. 20 million people are beginning to hoard water supplies and collect rain water due to a lack of water in the main reservoir. The rainy season in Brazil is coming to an end and the reservoir is only at 6 percent capacity. The article states that the shortage of water is beginning to effect jobs, public health and the quality of life for Brazilians in this region. Officials in Sao Paulo are considering cutting off consumer consumption of water, allowing water usage only two days out of the week if conditions do not change. This is likely the action to be taken if rains do not pick up for the remainder of February and March. But in the mean time people are currently buying water at a rate that is hard for sellers to keep up with.

The shortage of water in Brazil is obviously a major issue that is effecting a large number of people. But is sitting on their hands and waiting for another peak in the rainy season all that officials there are capable of doing to help the issue? And is cutting of the consumer's water the best answer if the rain does not come? The article does not mention any concerns that the World Health Organization(WHO) may have with issue or if they intend to aid the country in any way. I think that this is an issue that the WHO should definitely be involved in due to the negative public health issues that water shortages cause.

Phylicia Smith
2/13/15 10:45pm 

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