Friday, February 13, 2015

Nathan Larson
Soc 202-01
Blog Post 2
                                        This week the United States has faulted the Russians with again providing arms and training to the Ukrainian forces. The combat operations in this region have spikes rather significantly, and the U.S. believes this is in part because the Rebels have been provided with the means to attack harder and more frequently. There has been several battles over the past couple of weeks that have left dozens of Ukrainian forces dead and wounded along with notable civilian casualties. The Russians continue to deny any part in the conflict and instead claim they have been moving military ordinance as part of regular military exercises. A cease-fire is to take place tomorrow night, and this is believed to be part of the reason the Rebels upped their attacks at the last minute. It seems the conflict in this region will continue unless something dramatic happens, but thus far there is no solution in sight. This event is significant because if the violence goes unchecked in this region, it could potentially spread to other European countries, this could create a larger scale war involving multiple parties that would only create more death and chaos. 


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