Friday, February 13, 2015

“Syria’s civil war could possibly pose the greatest threat to Sweden since the Second World War,” argues political analyst Karl Lallerstedt. The civil war going on in Syria is chaos causing more than three million people to flee their homes to find safety. The refugees have Sweden on their mind for a safe place but have no way over there. The only way they can get there is illegally and are forced to rely on human smugglers. That caused a large black market to be created and ran by organized crime. It is estimated to be about thirty-one thousand Syrians who took asylum in Sweden in 2014. The journey is not a cheap one, it is estimated to be about eighteen thousand dollars per person. This will cause restrictions for some people to go and will cause people to do other things to be able to go. The black market representatives hardly care for the wellbeing of their customers. According to the International Organization for Migration more than three thousand migrants died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Not everyone has the money to be helped over, so for the ones that did not were forced into organized crime to pay their way. According to the police it could involve things such as smuggling narcotics in route or carrying out criminal dirty work once they arrive in Sweden. Al-Qaida saw an advantage with this and was claimed to have smuggled terrorist in England, mainly being Sweden. With all the new refugees smuggling into the country, the country has limited resources for the newcomers, and cannot expose of them due to the war that is going on in Syria. With so many Syrians now in Sweden, and many that did not have the money to make it over there themselves, they have set up systems to import a great number of weapons and narcotics putting Sweden in a danger zone. So the war in Syria could end up affecting Sweden more than any other conflict since the Second World War.
Clifton Coleman

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