Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog #2: Suicide Attackers Stage Deadly Assault on Pakistani Mosque

On Friday, February 13, 2015 heavily armed suicide bombers killed roughly nineteen innocent bystanders, and wounded at least forty more. This incident happened in Peshawar, Pakistan at a Shiite mosque. It happened while they were performing their traditional Friday prayers. Even though security has been cracking down on trouble, it was still a shocking reminder that the militants are still a threat in Pakistan. There was reported that it was at least four of the suicide bombers that were strapped with explosive bombs and grenades. They entered the Imamia mosque and one of the security guards shot and killed only one attacker. There were at least three that actually made it into the main hall. Before they blew the explosives, they shot and threw grenades into a crowded worship service. It was reported that many of the grenades didn't work properly and didn't explode. Some witnessed even stated that the bombers were wearing a black police uniform. After the attack, they found a vehicle outside that had been burned that is believed to be there vehicle to get there. It was believed that they set fire to the vehicle before they had gone in to the mosque. Another rumor was that they set fire to the vehicle to prevent the police from investigating and finding evidence that could give clues to the ones that had planned the assault. A Taliban spokesperson admitted responsibility for what had happened. He claimed that it was revenge for a militant being executed and hanged on December 19, 2014. His exact statement was “this is a continuation of blood for blood.” He continued to explain that the government needs to expect a stronger reaction in the near future. The Pakistan Parliament has fortunately, enabled the army to start having the convicted Taliban suspects' trials in the military courts.

Hanna Stone
7:25 PM

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