Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog#2 Mosque attack kills 19; Pakistan Taliban claim responsibility

The Pakistan Taliban was responsible for an attack on a Shiite Muslim mosque in Peshawar in northwestern Pakistan on Friday. Up to five people were involved with the attack, including a suicide bomber, and a designated shooter inside of the mosque. Another possible suicide bomber was caught, and held in the throat  by civilians in the mosque,A hotel representative reported that nineteen people were killed, and sixty-nine dead in a gunfire assault, and the bomber committed suicide afterwards. Pakistan has seen a lot of violence involving militants among the border of Afghanistan This area marks the territory of a group named .
Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, also known as "TTP". This groups main purpose is to enforce the conservative version of Islam in their nation. This group has faught the Pakistani army, and they have also killed many harmless citizens. TTP commander Kalifa Omar Mansoor has been said to be responsible for not only this attack, but also a December massacre at a Peahawar school, that  left 145 dead, The Army Public School and Degree college had many students that were children of army personnel in the Peshawar area .In the attack, gunman burst in and gunned down many students and teachers, including s whole room of students that were taking a test. Spokesman Muhammad Khurasan told CNN that the Pakistan Taliban orchestrated  this attack as revenge for the  government's December 19th execution of a militant who was allied with the group. Mohammed Aqeel was condemned because of his role in the attack of an army headquarters in 2009.

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