Friday, February 20, 2015

Blog #3: Abduction in Africa

Current Event Blog #3 

Samuel Yaga, a mechanic, was making a routine repair on a client's car when his phone rang.
"I was called in the morning by my elder brother notifying me of an attack on the school where my daughter was schooling," he said Samuel's blood went cold as his brother continued, telling him that some of the girls had been abducted by Boko Haram. Samuel knew only too well the vicious and brutal nature of the terrorist group, just a few months before this, Boko Haram had attacked his village in northeastern Nigeria. Their entire village was razed to the ground and so Samuel moved his family to Chibok and enrolled his eldest daughter Sarah into the Government Secondary School so that she could sit for her final high school exam. Later in the day Samuel's brother phoned him again."Then before sunset he called me again, and informed me that my daughter was part of those that were taken by Boko Haram." His wife Rebecca says the news of her daughter's abduction tore at her heart. Rebecca says there is not a day that goes by that she does think of her daughter. She describes her daughter as an ambitious girl who saw education as a way out of poverty. "Every Christmas we used to be complete and happy but now one of us is not there, how can it be the same?" asks Samuel A sadness surrounds the couple as they clutch to the only physical memory that they have of their daughter - a few photos and one bright green top, one of her favorites. "Her siblings know that she is not here - they themselves know what is happening, having come out of war," says Samuel. While reading this story I became sad because there is really nothing that can be done for these girls that have been abducted for war purposes. I think to what if I were in that situation, I probably walnut know how to react… I would probably try to kill myself I think. 

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