Friday, February 20, 2015

Blog #3 Transgender Students Demand Inclusive Washrooms

Universities all over Canada are beginning to recognize the struggles transgendered students are facing but are finding it hard to implement an environment that can be considered safe to all students. One of the main concerns of transgendered individuals who are attending a University is being able to feel safe while they are using the bathroom. One student, who spoke for transgendered individuals as a whole, spoke about how using the bathroom provoked anxiety because of fear of violence and rape. Because of the difficulties transgendered students faced, students at Simon Fraser University staged a protest outside a men’s bathroom. This was done to encourage students to take away the separation of gender within the bathrooms and attempted to have all genders use the same bathroom.
As I read this article I think about the strains placed on universities all over the world. There are many universities in Vancouver who are making gender neutral restrooms, to get to a place where they are willing to make changes means that Canada is in the process of overcoming the inequalities that are being faced. The idea of gender neutral restrooms is a concept that I do not believe will be everywhere around the world because of heterosexual preference that tends to be the dominant point of view.  Even though most households consist of both sexes that use the same toilet it is still difficult to wrap our heads around males and females using the same bathroom in public. But the article makes a valid point. Why is something as silly as a bathroom being associated with a gender? The citizens that reside in Vancouver are for the most part supporting making things appear more equal, but what are the chances this will spread to other parts of the world? 

Karen Bent 
February  20, 2015
8:40 PM

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