Friday, February 20, 2015

Blog 3: Nigerian Abductees Reunited with Families

The Boko Haram, founded in 2002 is a radical militant group in West Africa who opposes western lifestyle such a western education. The name Boko Haram is Hausa language meaning, “Western education is forbidden”. The group has killed thousands of people (mainly in Nigeria), attacked the UN headquarters in Abuja, kidnapped hundreds included the 200 school girls that captured national attention, which started the campaign, “Bring Back Our Daughters”. They have also gained control over many towns as well.
In December of 2014 over 158 women and children were abducted by the Boko Haram militants in Nigeria. Of the group 62 of them were married women. Out of the 62 women, 16 of them lost their husbands the day of the attack on their home. One man named Muhammdu Katarko stated that he had given up; he had just hoped to see their dead bodies at least because he feared he would not see them alive. To his surprise and many others the women and children are alive and healthy, and not raped as many expected them to be according to an anonymous abductee. She stated that they were not treated horribly by their kidnappers either. There are too many variations on how the women gained their freedom to surely know. Some say that they were freed voluntarily, while others say that the militants were under attack and fled so the women were able to escape.

The kidnapping of women is an enormous growing problem in this area of Africa. The search for the 200 school girls in still on even though they were taken nearly a year ago. There is help from other countries yet there are still unaccounted for. Women in this country face the fear of abduction by militants on the daily basis. In this story the women and children were lucky. Their children were not turned into child soldiers, and the women and female children were not raped and beaten according to the reports.

Illyana Massey
2/20/15  9:22 pm

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