Friday, February 20, 2015

Blog 3: Men Redefining the Glass Ceiling of Gender Inequality

There has been minimal improvements in equality for women in the workplace. The gender gap for economic participation now stands at 60% worldwide. Based on this, it is predicted that it will take 81 years to fill in this gap. A UN Women Goodwill Ambassador named Emma Watson presented an invitation to men saying “Gender is your issue too”. A man is interviewed and asked why it is crucial for men to support gender equality. He says that society, business and commerce is moving towards equality. The only way it will exist is if people take action and have a positive attitude towards it. Equality should be normal. He gives a good example of a bird. A bird has two wings for a reason…so it can fly. There were two genders created on this Earth for a reason…so they can balance society and the economy.

Everyone is different so, of course, one gender shouldn't be put to one job and the other to another job. It sounds balanced but it’s really not. It’s discriminating. Society should let everyone do what they want to do. If a women is more trained and has been working longer than a man who just got hired, the woman should be put in charge. But, because of today’s society, the man would more likely be put in charge. Based on experience, I have noticed that many men are unaware of the fact that gender inequality exist among women. But, the only way to promote awareness is to get more people involved, especially men since they can probably help the most.

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