Friday, February 20, 2015

Blog 3: Egypt Responds

Egypt decides to give ISIS a response with force. Earlier ISIS made a demonstration to the world by brutally murdering 21 Egyptians and they did it on camera. To avenge the deaths of the people that were slaughtered by the Jihadist group, Egypt hit them hard. Much like Jordan did after ISIS killed the Jordanian pilot, Egypt took to the skies in their stealth bombing jets and hit ISIS hard. The fighter jets supposedly hit ten targets that ISIS used for training and weapon & supply storage but reports say otherwise. Many are saying that the Egyptian military bombed several civilian residential residents. A group of Islamist militias are now threatening to “harshly” respond back to the attacks made by the Egyptian government. This incident is not the first time Egypt has had an encounter with the terrorist group ISIS. They have been at war for a couple months now. Egypt was looking for outside assistance from the US but the US has stated that they will not assist Egypt in its attacks against ISIS.
This war against ISIS is spreading, and it seems like the only ones that are losing are the citizens that are killed for no justifiable reason. These demonstrations are getting worse and so are the counter attacks. It seems like the war against ISIS will get worse before it gets back. Unfortunately, that also means the civilian death toll will raise. With the enemies of ISIS completely surrounding them, ISIS will most likely focus on one location to focus on to spread, and it appears that the location they will focus on it Northern Africa.

Jordan Hagens

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