Friday, February 20, 2015

Blog #3: Thailand's Failed Attempt to Address Issues.

The U.S State Department has downgraded Thailand to the third tier of worse offenders within this past year. Their efforts to fight against human trafficking in the countries' multi-billion dollar fishing industry has failed greatly. Also, their attempt to end the involvement of government officials in labor abuses and trafficking is also inadequate. Steve Trent, executive director of Environmental Justice Foundation, states that, "Nothing that we have seen or heard in the last year indicates that Thailand has taken meaningful action to address the root causes of trafficking and abuse". EJF also states that the Thai government is no protecting those who have been rescued or had escaped from this form of modern day slavery. 104 people convicted, 115 cases prosecuted, 280 cases investigated and 595 victims of human trafficking were identified last year in Thailand. This however, is still smaller than the data recorded for 2013. The government released a statement saying they are stepping up their efforts to " proactively identify and protect victims of trafficking." A response form the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs included a five paged list discussing the efforts in the areas issued by the Environmental Justice Foundation.

Thailand is one of the many places that human trafficking and labor abuse occur, though even when the Environmental Justice Foundation has called upon the Thai government to take action, there has been none. The fact that the government refuses to address the issue, violates the rights of those who are victimized. The Thai government seems to be turning a blind eye to how they treat their citizens and also the safety of the citizens.

Rachel Ear
Friday, February 2015
7:58 am.

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