Friday, February 20, 2015

Blog #3 Germany has rejected a Greek request for a six-month extension to its eurozone loan programme

                Even though there was a positive atmosphere for the Greeks, Germany rejected the proposal they had. The Greeks had found a six-month assistance package that could possibly help the Greek society instead of renewing the already existing deal that has terrible conditions. Merkel spoke with Tsipras on Thursday via phone and sources say they had a positive climate.
The Italian prime minister has been speaking with Tsipras and he is trying to find a deal for them as well. On Thursday, Varoufakis sent the official proposal and got rejected almost immediately. There has been tension in Europe and it is not clear which side will “win”.
The German finance minister announced that the Greek’s request did not meet the requirements and that is the reason it got rejected. They believe that they simply do not want to pay and they are trying to get ways out of paying the dept.
One sentence that stood out for me was “the Eurogroup has just two choices: to accept or reject the Greek request. We will now discover who wants to find a solution, and who does not.” For me, it really does give the final outline. If Europe wants to help Greece, and the rest of Europe, to get out of the crisis they will try to find solutions. Right now, Germany mostly, is denying all of Greece’s proposals and does not care for Europe’s best interest. 

Eugenia Marantos

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