Friday, February 20, 2015

Sudanese Soldiers Raped More Than 200 Women and Girls

Sudanese raped over 200 women and girls in a small town called Tabit in northern Darfur within a three day period. According to witnesses, the Sudanese soldiers invaded the houses and forced all of the men outside the city making it easier to attack their wives and daughters who were left vulnerable. The men would hold the female down while the others would then rape her. The mass rape is an retaliation for  However not everyone believe these allegations because it goes against the local inhabitants’ customs and beliefs, and this mass rape allegation requires further outside investigation. Darfur has denied the UN to investigate the mass rape. However, Darkfur does have a dark, violent past. In the early 2000’s where they were fueling against the United Nations. As a result 300,000 people were killed and 2.7 million people were injured. Very recently, the largest Darfurian rebel group signed a peace treaty with the Sudanese government and other neighboring countries in 2013. They also pledged to $3.7 billion dollars to reconstruct the destroyed areas.

It very sad and upsetting what has happened in the Tabit, Darfur. My question is why would anybody make up a mass rape? And how do you make up a mass rape? There were 130 interviews that has taken place. So 130 people are lying? I think not, despite what the Darfurians culture, beliefs, and customs are. Obviously, the government is corrupt and they trying to cover up something. Historically, rebels in politically challenged countries,  has used rape as a way to demonstrate power rebel has over the local citizens. The UN needs to try harder to do an further investigation and hopefully it will lead to more help for the politically oppressed Darfurian citizens.

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