Friday, February 20, 2015

Blog 3- Katelynne Lee

                                                           Banning on Child Brides in Malawi

Last week, I spoke of an African child bride and the multitude of effects she faced in her young life and of her looking at other girls her age who were able to be children and go to school. This week, I found an article that exemplifies the importance of going to school and of banning child brides in hopes to bring them a better life and build a good education. The Gender Equality and Women Empowerment act, says Nyasa Times, says this act is aiming to help young women to realize their potential and to encourage them to go to school and succeed. This act is attempting to ban child brides in Malawi by “providing a legal framework” and “increasing the legal age to marry to 18” (Chapalapata, 2015).
Despite this relatively new act, it is said that it will take about three years to be enacted and will take a lot of work and enforcement for it to do its job. However, I feel this is a huge step for foreign countries and their beliefs on women and what they should and should not do. Women, young and old, should be encouraged to stand up for what they belief and be strong in what they do. I hope this act gets its recognition it deserves and the young women get the education and freedom they crave.
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