Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blog 3: West Africans Still Need More Resources to Fight Ebola

West Africans Still Need More Resources to Fight Ebola

            Even though the Ebola outbreak is losing steam and the United States is in the process of withdrawing all of the troops that were sent there to help fight the dreadful and ghastly virus, the disease has left a devastating impact in West Africa.  It has also scarred West Africans and their communities.  Of course, they have dealt with the Ebola disease for many decades, but this year’s outbreak is the worst one they have ever experienced.  A survivor of the disease, Josephine Dolley, stated in an interview, “I feared I was not going to reach the age of 32 because I was infected with the virus.  I lost my three kids, my husband, and everyone in my family was dead because of that one contamination of Ebola.”  The disease took the lives of 29 members of her family.  That is how swift and deadly the outbreak has impacted West Africa.  Schools are now starting to reopen after being closed from the fear of further exposure.  However, West Africa remains in need of more resources to completely end the Ebola outbreak.  Dr. Angela Dunn stated, “The meager treatment centers are not conveniently located and are more like prisons than health care facilities.”  She continued, “Contact tracing, or identifying anyone with whom an infected person might have come in contact with is the key to stopping the outbreak.”

            Ebola is still claiming lives despite the decrease in attention it is receiving by the mainstream American media.  The disease is still a concern, especially with the looming risk of another outbreak during the rainy season in a few months.  Many people of West Africa have been negatively affected and scarred by the disease.  I personally cannot imagine losing more than half of my family or being the only survivor left among my entire family.  We should not give up on them.  The US as well as other countries should do what they can to assist West Africa with providing resources and treatments to those that are impacted by the horrendous Ebola disease.
Brandon Smith
1:06 PM


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