Saturday, February 14, 2015

Blog#2: UMass-Lowell and Raytheon Unite on Kuwait Degree Project

The University of Massachusetts Lowell made an announcement that they were teaming up with a defense contractor to offer degree programs in Kuwait. Their decision to do this didn't set well with some people however, higher-education experts said that the deal is not as unusual as it appears. This project would allow the University of Massachusetts Lowell to serve as many as 1,200 students in the next few years. All it requires is a contractor (Raytheon Company) to contribute $50 million which would help cover the cost of the first seven years of operation. The chief executive of the Business-Higher Education Forum thought it was a good idea. The Raytheon Company is very well-known. They have worked with universities in the United States to design academic programs in fields like cyber security. By offering a degree program in Kuwait it will allow the University of Massachusetts Lowell to have a bigger presence on the global stage.


I think it is a good idea to add a degree program in Kuwait. I think the students would not only benefit from it but also appreciate it. Education is very important and without it you have nothing. No matter the country you are from. It may be challenging and even take some time but I definitely think it is worth it. I also think that when considering the staff it does not need to be taken lightly. The staff should be not only be qualified to teach but they should also have to go through some kind of cultural training. This would help them to better understand their students, help them know how they need to be taught and teach them to respect their cultural. These students should have the best of the best.

Candace Burton
9:35 pm

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