Friday, February 20, 2015

Blog #3

According to an article written at the president of French Assembly President Lacher proclaimed that the assault that have fallen on the French Jewish community will end and all Jewish citizens will be able to live normal lives. However, what is the normal life for a Jewish person in a country that cannot ensure their protection? The Israeli Prime Minister stated that because of the large number of Muslims in the nation of France that was brought there for cheap labor, Jews would never be as safe as they could be in the State of Israel.  The article continued to go on by dividing the Muslim citizens into two categories one that of 99% of the Muslim community that has turned away from the violent example that their brothers portrayin the news and 1% that believes they should do their part in cleansing the world. Therefore the Jewish Community in France is neither protected nor free to practice their religious beliefs without fear of persecution from the state and/or their fellow citizens.  
The message that I am gathering from this article is a call to return home from the Israeli Prime Minister. He seems to be painting a picture that the religious diversity within France is too dangerous to ensure that Jewish citizens would be protected either from Islamic extremist or from not religious extremist like the government. France has had a long history of problem involving religious diversity. From the persecutions of Moors (Muslims) and Jews during the age of enlightenment. The religious wars between the Catholics and the Huguenots during the 16th century when the streets of Paris ran with bloody.  Based on these facts the Prime Minister has a valid point of wanting his fellow Jews to return to their ancestral homeland where they will be truly protected from their enemies and free to Practice their faith without persecution from the government.  

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