Friday, February 06, 2015

Forced Marriage in Syria

Forced marriage may not be seen as a social problem to some but you must be careful in deciphering the differences between arranged marriages and a forced marriage. Yet, you must still account for cultural differences in some situations which means having cultural competency or humility. In the article titled, “Syrian woman” I had to marry and ISIS police chief to save my father’s life”, gives the harsh detail of a young women forced into marriage. ISIS is a radical anti-western militant terrorist group in northern Syria through central Iraq. The woman telling her story does not reveal her name for safety reasons. She reveals that her father was arrested under false pretenses and in order to save her life she was immediately forced into marriage. While in her marriage she was kept as a prisoner instead of a wife. She spent a month as a personal sex slave and maid. She was not allowed to leave his home and could only speak to her parents on the phone while he was around. Her “husband” died a month after they were married so luckily she was released back to her family. Soon after there was news that she was to marry another ISIS member so she and her family fled the country to safety.

Around the world, in many countries women are not treated equally. Some are treated more as objects or belongings rather than people. The social problem of rape and forced marriage is increasing globally. It is an issue here in America just as it is in other countries. Many women in Middle Eastern countries suffer from these issues without help of the law unlike women in the United States. 

Illyana Massey
11:45 pm

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