Thursday, February 12, 2015

Immigration Detention Of Children in Australia

There has become a big problem in Australia having to do with Immigration Detention. A report, The Forgotten Children, has just been released stating that detention is dangerous for children. They have evidence that detention can have a negative effect on a child’s mental and emotional health as well and their physical development.  The average time that someone is in detention is aver a year and right now there is close to 300 children in immigration detention Nauru and more than 100 children held on Christmas Island. In the report it says “It is the fact of detention, particularly the deprivation of liberty and high numbers of mentally unwell adults that is causing emotional and developmental disorders amongst children”. These children are confined in small quarters with adults who are mentally ill. Not to mention the fact that having children crammed in a small place with hundreds of adults they do not know puts them at risk for sexual and physical abuses. These children resort to hurting or starving themselves because of what they conditions they are living in are doing to them.

There is no other place in the world that detains all of it non – citizens, Australia not only does this but also detains children if there is an ASIO finding against their parents. A minor should only be detained as a measure of last support but even then I don’t think a child who has not done anything should be detained and put into such bad conditions. Another issue with detainment is that not only are a bunch of children still detained there are also some who are released and end up on the streets unaccompanied. These children who are detained do not get the proper care and education that they need. It is known globally that detention is not good for children and the Australian government need to fix the conditions in which these children are put in.  

Eliana Berger

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