Friday, March 06, 2015

Blog #4 Delhi rape documentary-maker appeals to Narendra Modi over broadcast ban

A documentary was made focusing on a rape that occurred in India. The point of the documentary was to bring to attention the violence women are facing worldwide. The documentary also featured the man who was responsible in the rape and gave us the mindset of the attackers who commit these crimes. The men who are committing this crime have a view point that if the women would be “decent girl[s],” instead of fighting back, then the victims of violence around the world would still be alive today. Because this documentary is featuring a particular case in India, Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi has put a banned on this documentary, allowing it not to be play in India or found online. Though they cannot put a worldwide banned on the documentary, this has not stopped them from trying. Their attempts have led to postponements but this documentary will be released to Britain this Sunday.


Men being superior beings compared to women have gone on for centuries. India banning “India’s Daughter” is also stopping the public from realizing the violence of not only women in India, but women all over the world. The documentary, India’s Daughter, is a representation that there needs to be changes in the way we view and treat women. With the ban in India it makes me question whether or not it is the individuals’ fault or societies fault. Sometimes we do not need to ask, what type of man rapes a woman? But rather what type of society are we living it that promotes and allows this behavior to take place? Gender inequality has been a worldwide phenomenon for far too long and as groups of people try to push for equality the men in change keep pushing them back to “their place.”

Karen Bent
March 6, 2015
2:40 PM

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