Friday, March 06, 2015

Blog #4: Last Known Ebola Patient in Liberia is Discharged

As of Thursday Liberia's last patient was discharged bringing the count down to zero known cases of Ebola in the country.  Even though this is something to celebrate they are still weeks away from being able to declare free of Ebola.  Someone can be exposed to this disease and not start showing symptoms until 21 days later.  In order for Liberia to be officially over this epidemic they have to wait 42 days after the last known infection.  The patient that was release was Beatrice who is a English teacher and is 58 years old.  She was released from a treatment center in Monrovia built by the Chinese government.  While Liberia is on their way to stopping this disease from spreading, Sir Lanka and Guinea are still having Ebola spread.

After reading this, I can see that numbers are starting to decrease in Liberia, but seems like they are still increasing in Sir Lanka and Guinea.  If no new cases are developed within those 42 days then hopefully Liberia can help to stop the spread of the disease in the rest of Africa's countries.  The people that are being treated are very grateful for the help they are receiving to be cured of this contagious disease. Also after reading this article it is apparent that many victims are getting Ebola from their family members.  Other nations are trying to help stop this disease by bringing in people to educate and treat patients.  For example, US have brought in troops and doctors to help control the spread of Ebola.  Also the Chinese government built a treatment center in Monrovia.  This shows that when other nations are in need of help, more developed countries step in to help take control of the situation.

Kelsey Bryant

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