Thursday, March 05, 2015

Blog #4: The disturbing consequences of ultra-connectivity

The advancement of technology over the past 20 years hasn't ceased to amaze students and people of my generation. More improvements will continue to come for as long as we all exist. The CNN article informs readers of how the aging of technology is starting to be so high-tech that it is scary. The Gardens by the Bay is the Singapore's beautiful downtown area that includes solar powered Super trees is an example of what the article is discussing. The picture at the top of the article shows these technologically powered trees in the  area instead of the perennial plant that is normally seen in gardens everywhere else in the world. Connectivity with our phones have caused us to relinquish our real life experiences with each other through the word of mouth. Our phones can be described as our second brains since it's a second set of information. The convenience of technology makes lives easier, productive and more interesting. This maybe the reason why we lean and rely on the our devices, in this day and age so heavy. The issue of privacy is the main concern when it comes technology. Twitter and Facebook are two major accounts that we post information about our selves on and it's in our lives so often that we don't mind it. This is scary because future employers can go back and pull up to use this information against applicants. The disadvantages that we put our selves because of our lack of knowledge we have on technology and privacy needs be brought to the light so we can succeed as individuals.

Shane Otchere
March 5, 2015
10:45 PM

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