Thursday, March 05, 2015

Blog 4

Blog 4


After nearly a year, Liberia has released its last Ebola patient

      In Liberia reports from the health system stated that this week, they are releasing their last confirmed case of Ebola. This is a huge accomplishment for Liberia because over the past year they have been hit heard by this virus and have experienced many casualties because of it. The patient who was released this week was a 58 year old English teacher named Beatrice. She was finally cleared of Ebola after spending weeks at the Chinese ran treatment center in Monrovia. Even though this was a huge accomplishment and improvement for Liberia they are still not out of the woods yet. Their health system are right now monitoring 105 patients and are hoping that they will not have to diagnosis a case, and destroy their new record. Along with this success for Liberia the government of Africa are still trying to receive help for the rest of Africa for improving their health care system.

     After seeing this report in the news this week, I can see how the Ebola epidemic in Africa is slowly decreasing. I hope that Liberia can stay on their record and can possibly help the rest of Africa to decrease the cases of Ebola also. I infer, that a lot of the help with the Ebola epidemic has been coming for other countries, especially the countries that are doing economically better than the continent of Africa. In this article it shows how the country of China are allowing treatment centers to help Africa with their health care. This article shows how when other countries come together to help other countries  that are particularly doing worse economically or are having a crisis, that they can improve and make a huge impact by coming together.
Raven DeLoatch

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