Friday, March 06, 2015

Blog 4: Women's Fight for Justice in Turkey

In Turkey, a 20 year old psychology college student's body was found burned and dismembered. Reports say that Ms. Ozgecan Aslan while walking home had to resist rape, which caused her murder. She was stabbed as well. Three men have been arrested for her murder and a week later another woman’s body was found the exact same way, dismembered and in a bin.  Due to acts like this, women’s rights groups have emerged and the fight for equal justice for women is increasing. Women are trying to increase awareness on the rise of violence against women. Within the last decade there has been about a 1,400% increase.  Many people feel that the increase of violence against women is due to the political Islam governing party that started in 2002. A feminist lawyer in the country named, Hulya Gulbahar believes that women are not only experiencing physical or mental violence, but political violence as well. There has been a lot of propaganda against women with sayings such as, “motherhood is the sacred role of women, or women and men are different by nature”. The President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has even made the statement saying, “Women cannot be treated equal to men”. The president alone has pushed for laws against abortion and forcing women to have at least three children. Many men in power have also made other sexist comments, on the “role of the woman”. An organization by the name of Stop the Murder of Women Platform, has worked to get laws amended to help protect women but yet the laws are not being strictly enforced. One of the main causes of death for women in Turkey is asking for a divorce. The unfair and unjust treatment of women is predominant in Turkey. Women are constantly being subjected to the cruel treatment of men. These women need help. Yes, the activist groups are bringing awareness but they need change. The fight for change is an ongoing process, but with men in power who do not see the unfair treatment, the fight will continue for a while. 

Illyana Massey
3/6/2015 11:58 am

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