Friday, March 06, 2015

        I am covering once again the struggle in Malawi that comes from the deforestation there. In early January, serious flash flooding came about because of the lack of forest, leaving over 4,000 with no homes in the town of Makawa. The country declared a State of Disaster in January 14. They have had not much help in this catastrophe either due to isolation. As they scrounge for food in the flooded waters, there are beginning to be signs of malnourishment amongst the children as they are all crammed into small buildings and camps set up. It is reported that almost a quarter million in the country have been displaced by these floods. Sosten Chiotha, regional director of a nonprofit organization for Environmental development says that forest degradation and severe climate change has caused this. It is only from the forestation has climate change happened. Also, as all the water is coming all at once, the dry seasons will last much longer. This is going to be detrimental to a developing country that only has agriculture mainly based upon rainfall. The deforestation is said to only have come due to a rapidly growing population. As the government wants to make more money to support its already weak economy and growing population, they destroy the ecosystem and agriculture around them. As a densely populated country faces these problems with no plan of rebuilding and only now help coming internationally, they must look for somewhere else to turn, as their homes stay unavailable for resettlement.

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