Friday, March 06, 2015

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Indian Mob Beats Accused Rapist to Death
In New Delhi, India a mob broken into a jail to beat a man who was charged for rape. The man who was beaten  was a thirty-five year old, illegal immigrant from Bangladesh. This man was accused of raping a local woman last month. The mob consisted of many individuals dressed in uniforms. They were initially planning to have a public hanging of the accused rapist but he died from severe injuries during his brutal attack. Furthermore, the New Delhi police was able to recover the body before the mob could hang it.The New Delhi police tried to save the accused rapist’s life , but the attempted rescue ultimately failed. The authorities were only used tear gas and bamboo cane because they were not allowed to use excessive force against the mob because the mob was “students in uniforms”. This town has been placed under a curfew because it its still chaotic. This event is a response to India banning a documentary, titled, “Based on Nothing”. The film discusses how a group of five men raping a woman in 2015.

This mob attack is an insight on how fed up the Indian society is on how woman are commonly victims of violence, particularly rape. I'm guessing the New Delhi citizens feel as if the government is not doing an adequate job on convicting and punishing the accused rapist, therefore they took matters into their own hands. I think they retaliated in this way because they wanted to get justice for their women who were victims of rape. I also there were some biased actions on the authorities part. They couldn't use excessive force against the mob because they were students in uniforms. Which shows that theses students have privilege based on their roles and perceived citizenship and/or ethnic group.  Also, the man probably did not receive the same protection as a citizen would from the police because he was an illegal immigrant.  

Victoria McCollum

12:31 pm


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