Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Blog #4: World Leaders Condemn the Murder of Boris Nemtsov

Nemtsov, who was a former deputy prime minister and sharp critic of Vladamir Putin, the Russian President, was reportedly shot four times by a killer in a passing car in Moscow on Friday evening. World leaders led by David Cameron and Barack Obama condemned the killing of Boris Nemtsov. Both the US President, Obama, and Cameron said that the murder should be investigated by the Russian government and Nemtsov was described as a tireless advocate for citizens’ rights and fighting corruption. He was also described as a “courageous and tireless defender of democracy and a dogged fighter against corruption” and his killing has been described as an assassination. The killing took place two days before a major opposition rally was to be held in Moscow that was supposed to be led by Nemtsov. Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, said that the president would take the investigation under “personal care” and that he believed the killing to be a provocation. Mikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet leader, also believed it to be a provocation. Russia’s investigative committee said that the killing could be linked to events in Ukraine or could have been carried out by radical Islamists. A spokesman for the committee said that Nemtsov had received threats on his position on the Charlie Hebdo shootings. During an interview earlier in the month, Nemtsov said that he feared that Putin would try to have him killed. The reaction in Moscow was of shock and amazement because no major political figure has been killed in Russia for a decade.

Many enemies of Putin wind up dead. I think that Nemtsov’s death is shocking because he was such a fighter for democracy and even though it was dangerous to advocate for democracy, he did it anyway. In the article, it states that Putin would take the investigation of Nemtsov’s death into his “personal care” but I think that Putin will only pretend to truly investigate and judging by the last Russian journalist that was killed a while back, I do not think the truth will not be revealed for a while.

Bethany Shaffer
9:22 pm

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