Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Childrens Rights in Egypt


Human Rights For Child

  Egypt is taking steps towards improving children’s human rights around the country, however these are only baby step and there is a lot that needs to be done. The first thing that Egypt has done to improve their human rights with in the past few years is increasing the minimum legal age for marriage. It used to be that for boy the age was 18 and girls 16. Child marriage violates human rights because it affects the children’s chance of education, freedom from violence, consensual marriage, and sexual health. Although there is a new law passed for this child marriage is still happening all around Egypt, 11% a year. Adoption is illegal in Egypt so there was a law that made it so children under the age of 2 could not be raised by a foster family or “alternative care”. This age has now been lowered to three months so the children get better cared for at a younger age. Children have been put on trial as adults and because of overcrowding they are stuck in makeshift detention facilities or prison where they can be assaulted by guards and the adult inmates. In 2008, Egypt banned female genital mutilation, which is a common religious practice and can cause serious harm to the female even resulting in death. Although this is banned, the government doesn’t actually investigate and prosecute those of who practice this still. The government needs to take charge and put strategies into place to make sure that this practice is not continued. I strongly believe that it is the government’s duty to take care of its children and make sure that they are safe and getting the necessary needs to be healthy. Making laws that band things and changing the legal marriage age is a good start however nothing will get done unless these laws are actually enforced and investigated.

Eliana Berger

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