Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog #5 Children of the Ukraine

With the struggle in Ukraine going on for about a year now many Ukrainian citizens are still stuck in some of the cities currently under attack and have been since the beginning of the conflict. These individuals have only been able to survive the constant shelling and attacks by hiding in makeshift bunkers under a few residential houses and have been without electricity, water, and small amounts of food for some time now. These shelters are normally very cold and nearly pitch black and are usually filled with a few other families in a very small confined place. One of these individuals is Viktoria, a one year old Ukrainian girl who was unfortunate enough to be brought up in the middle of a vicious struggle. This Ukrainian girl's only knowledge of the world at this point is a dark, cold shelter packed with dozens of other people and it is where she will learn to walk and talk if something is not done about the conflict soon.
Nearly 1.7 children in the Ukraine have been affected by the struggle, which includes over a thousand that are currently seeking refuge in bunkers which are more like cellars that are one well placed bomb away from trapping those inside. It is for reasons like this that many foundations are coming to the Ukraine's aid, like UNICEF who has delivered over 27 tons of essential hygiene products, water, and education kits. This area of the Ukraine also has one of the highest rates of HIV before the conflict started and has orphanages for children born to mothers with HIV and the conflict is certainly not making things any easier on these children leaving them without the proper tests and medication they need leaving many asking the same question “When will this all be over?”  

William A. Bullard 
March 20th 2015
9:35 PM

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